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    Alternatives to Pain Relief


    I have been advised by physio not to take Ibuprofen as it will worsen my stomach issues. Neuro is keen for me to avoid heavy duty pain relief like codeine or morphine based meds. She wonders about Ibuprofen and Paracetamol together, which still means I am taking it. They could give me stomach meds at same time to counteract it but not keen as this means yet more meds to take and I choke on tablets so want to take less not more.

    Neuro also suggested some alternative like reflexology or a TENS machine. I have used massage in the past.

    Was wondering what other people use for muscle pain or pains related to their muscle disease. Meds or alternative therapies?


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    Re: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    My microwaveable wheat bag is good for muscle pain and I have used things like deep heat gel on particularly bad areas. Thankfully I don’t get much pain and if I do a combination of wheat bag and Ibruprofen do the trick and that sorts it. Regarding tablets, after swallowing issues a few years ago my GP made a note on my records that liquid forms of meds should be described. It does mean that you might have to wait for the pharmacists to organise it and some taste pretty bad but it gets round the choking on tablets risk.

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    Re: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    Difficult question here and if there was one easy answer we all would be doing it and not needing to
    ask questions.

    I founf the TENS of no use at all but other people swear by it. Tablets are so difficult and it takes a lot
    of trial and error before you get what suits you. I found the ones that should work the Co Dydramol, Co Proxamol,
    Amitriptyline did not but a combination of paraceetamol and Co Codamol taken a hour apart at bedtime did actually work. Later I found they both contain amounts of codeine and I should not have been doing that but over the whole day
    it was not big problem.

    Taking pills is a big issue as I have Aspiration issues aplenty but dare I suggest my solution of Pill Crushers and Pill Cutters.

    Like Sarah I love the Microwave Wheatand beanbags. I have seven of them. Two in bed give a lovely warm, soothing lumbar support that is still warm when you wake up in the night and morning as they retain your body heat. three in the microwave on my sofa under a blanket and I am set for the evening. Pain is so much worse when part of you is cold.

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    Re: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    Hi, I have just been diagnosed with Beckers, yes the one where it is only supposed to effect “Males’ with pain, but alas all the tests show I at 51 have it. Pain is my major issue, as I am sure most peoples are. I have a old injury which requires heavy dosages of Oxycontin and that has no effect whatsoever on my leg agony strange enough. I suffer from severe constant pain in the legs which hasn’t responded to Eplim, Endep or Allegron. So now I am on Cymbalta, which gave me some paid relief to begin with but now a few weeks into treatment it has started to wear off. I am sick of the pain, and my life surrounded and run by pain and nothing I have found has any long term pain relief. I can’t take Codeine as it gives me migraines, which my Neuro has told me usually gives quite a few people pain relief, so I am still struggling.
    Sorry no help from me but when people tell you that you ‘shouldn’t’ take all this medication because it is bad for you, I would like to see them in the same agony as we all are, and see how they cope. Pain itself does damage to the body after a long period of time let alone your daily life and family. Good luck if you find something, let me know.


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    Re: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    ok. let me start by stating that i do not promote the use of drugs in any shape or form. but my neuro consultant has recommended on a number of occasions using cannabis. and to be honest ive found it to be the only decent pain reliever around. :D


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    Re: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    Hi, my pain toolbox consists of (and similar to others’)

    1) Neurofen liquid and or paracetemol (calpol 6+ which is same as ‘adult’ in the sense of less to swallow/stronger).
    2) TENS – loads of different machines that give lots of ‘buzz’ types – the right placement plus right buzz mode takes
    away some of my pain completely (I use it mostly on lower back which helps back, hips, thighs).
    3) Heated microwave wraps – GP said these should give good relief and I agree in my case – neck mostly.
    4) Heat pad / electric blanket – keeping parts of me warm makes the pain less – – thanks to forum bods for that one!
    5) Mental imagery / psychological stuff – according to some traditions in different cultures you can totally take away pain through a kind of self hypnosis or mental imagery techniques…. I’d rather hard core drugs to be honest but if you are desperate you might want to give it a go!
    6) Cry and get a hug – hugs apparently release natural pain relief if the pressure is right! Makes me feel better anyway.
    7) Massage from hubs – perhaps this should be number two as it’s really good for helping aches that can cause pains.

    When a pain gets really bad I am yet to find a solution :-/ but most of mine is posture related so the solution for me is better posture – but when that’s not possible I don’t seem to be able to take stronger pain stuff as they cause drowsiness which means they render me unconscious.

    I have recently seen a physio for my pain management and have the option of a pain management clinic but havn’t tried that.

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    Re: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    I have relatives with MD who smoke skunk nearly every night,they are addicted to it,have very poor memories after years of use, have no motivation,dont want to work, are paranoid,irritable when they run low on their stash etc etc
    it is not worth the damage to the brain :bang: :bang: :bang: or the damage to families.

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    Re: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    Well said, Bikerblob.


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    Reply To: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    Hi my name is chantel for one year or more I’ve been having very bad muscle pain kind of like flu pain but times 1000 it’s very painful and I have had many painkillers but sometimes it works a little buy taking the edge of but most times it don’t do nothing I’m hoping someone goes through simaler pain so I can get help I need help I feel like I have no option but to live with this pain!

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    Reply To: Alternatives to Pain Relief

    Hello and welcome Chantel. I too have very bad muscle pain. It extends throughout my body with the exception of the right side of my face, and, like you, I have tried pretty much every painkiller under the sun. Whilst we cannot recommend particular types of painkiller in this forum we can try and help with a strategy. It would be helpful to know if you have been to see the pain clinic and what advice that they have given you. They, and of course the neurologists, must be the best place to go for help, providing you ensure that you do not get fobbed off. It is often quite hard to stand your ground when seeking help, especially in these times of cutbacks within the NHS.
    You have also not indicated where the pain is. Again this can help us to understand your problem. For example when I get unrelieved pain in my lower back I find that using heat works wonders, as it does for my legs as well. Medicated plasters also help me.
    What you need to consider, as I have heard from many medical personnel, is that the cause of your pain may be many and varied, and may not just be from your MD. For example some of my pain comes from my loosening joints. They are doing that because of the MD but the pain comes from something which is not MD. You may therefore have to take a ‘cocktail’ of meds before you find something that will work for you, and this will mean an active and proactive approach by yourself and those helping you. You might also consider other avenues to pain relief than just medication.
    Catatude, another moderator on here pointed me in the direction of these links

    Alternatives to Pain Relief


    I would urge you to read through them as they are very helpful.


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