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    Becker muscular dystrophy

    my 4 year old son got diagnosed with
    Becker muscular dystrophy my head up my ass at the minute am just wondering what will happen now I don’t know if am coming are going

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    Hi Amc

    I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling as a parent finding out a diagnosis. There is such a lot to process and I’m sure you have many questions at the moment. My parents must have gone through similar when I was young. I am now 40 and have a type called Ullrich CMD

    There is support out there and we will do our best to signpost and support the best we can.

    I don’t know whereabouts you are or if you are being seen at a Muscle clinic. A good place to get practical information and help navigating things is via your regional care adviser.

    Here is a link to the care adviser contact details by area

    Give yourself time to digest everything, give your boy a big hug and please feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts.

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