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    Being a parent with MD

    Hi all,

    I have recently become a parent of two twin boys whilst already having a nearly 5 year old girl. On the past 2 years the MD part of my condition has really kicked in with weak legs a real problem and I’m starting to use a wheelchair and mobility scooter (I’m now 33)

    Would love to hear the stories from other parents who have MD with how they have coped and adapted

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed late in life after my son was, so I probably cannot tell you the sort of stories you may want. I must say that throughout it all, my children have been a lifesaver and a rock in the midst of all that will go on in your MD life. Whilst I cannot begin to imagine the challenges of having twins will bring to your family, they will all be worth it. I will add though that there is not one of my kids and grandkids who have not had a barrel full of laughs riding with me on my scooter. One time it was the only way one of them would go into hospital.


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    Hi. RGwood86

    Not a parent myself but a dedicated aunt. I progressed to a scooter in order to safely keep up with an active 2 year old nephew. that was in my mid 20s.

    Whats your Condition? I have MD rigid spine SEPN1.

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