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    Best electric wheelchair

    Hi there,

    I have Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and I’m in a situation, when I need electric wheelchair, but I don’t know which one. It should be some, that will be good in city, but I suppose I would sometimes use it also in harder terrain.
    Also it should have seet, that won’t become uncomfortable after several hours in work and that I will be able to help myself on alone.
    I will buy it propably in my home country, that is Czech Republic. Is there some whellchair, that you would recommend?
    The price should be around 3000,- EUR max.
    Thanks for any answers,


    PS: Sorry for my poor english.

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    Reply To: Best electric wheelchair

    Hello and welcome Jan. Your English is amazing so please do not worry on that account. It is very hard for us to judge what will be good for you as there may well be different models in your country. I do know, that the quickest way to find what works for you is to try them all and see. You will of course do lots of research, if you have not already, looking at specifications like wheelbase (for stability), chassis clearance to see how high bumps can be cleared when ‘off road’, range for me would be vital, as would ease of charging. Will it fit in your doors at home? Look at the width of the chair, can you turn round once you are in? Consider the length of the chair. How long will it last? For example they say batteries should be changed every eighteen months, would the one you are considering last longer or shorter? What would replacement costs be? Of course comfort is vital if you are sitting in the chair for a number of hours. Sadly you can only tell that if you have the opportunity to sit in one for several hours. Perhaps once you have found one which meets your specifications, try snd see if you can rent or borrow one from the dealer to try sitting in it and see if you find it comfy. Many wheelchair users, powered and un powered, make adaptations to the seat like adding seat cushions or back cushions or supports to make them better. Perhaps ask the dealer if any modifications can be made when the unit is constructed for you so you will know it will be suited than a ‘standard’ seat.


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