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    Boyfriend with Becker’s MD?

    Hi.. I’m not sure if there’s another topic like this but I really just need some help. My boyfriend is 19 years old and is diagnosed with Becker’s MD. Quite honestly, he isn’t doing too well. He’s very depressed and upset and he feels alone. I try to do whatever I can to brighten his day; it works for a little a while but then things get bad again. He’s very angry with himself. He’s always trying to stand, and be active. Whenever he can’t do anything, he destroys and throws whatever he can get his hands on and I’m very worried about him. Not only is he depressed but he also has very bad social anxiety. I feel that if he had more people in his life (besides me, his mom, and his sister), he would maybe feel a little better so…

    I’ve tried to get him to see a psychologist, but he refuses to do so.

    What else can I do? Please help.

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    Re: Boyfriend with Becker’s MD?


    I am very sorry to hear about your boyfriend. It must be very difficult for you and his family to see how depressed and anxious he is. My only suggestion is for him to see his doctor with a view to having a course of anti-depressants for a while. They don’t work immediately [in fact they can take several weeks to help alleviate depression and anxiety] but they may help.

    I am sure if anyone else has any suggestions they will post them.

    best wishes,


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    Re: Boyfriend with Becker’s MD?

    I was present at a discussion yesterday about the need for more emotional support for dealing with MD both for people with the conditions and loved ones/carers. Things are improving but there is a long way to go. The Professor who was asked the question about why it was not available answered that it was a very important and overlooked aspect of support at specialist centres and something that he and his team constantly tell the purse holders but it needs more patient power, he urged us to write to the commissioners on such matters.

    I remember a similar thread to yours a few years ago and acceptance is not something you can put into a timeline. I do not know what is is like to be a partner or family member of an MDer but I can only imagine how frustrating and heart-breaking it must be.

    I’m probably biased here but online communities such as this can be a good way to keep some contact with a wider circle. With regard to support, does your boyfriend attend a Neuro clinic, would he feel comfortable saying that he is struggling?

    Glad you to have you on board :D

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    Re: Boyfriend with Becker’s MD?

    I also know a young man with BMD and he felt the same way. He has now got into disabled sports. Do you have a sports centre near you that does disabled sports? Or is there a support group near you that you could both go to? Talking to his GP is a good place to start, maybe he would have some ideas. Maybe there is some online support he could look into. It all takes time to adapt to and your boyfriend is lucky to have such a supportive partner.
    Best wishes to you both.


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