Cross Border Appointments – South of Scotland

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    Cross Border Appointments – South of Scotland

    Hi everyone my names David Gale and I am posting on here as a member of the Scottish Council for Muscular Dystrophy UK.

    I am trying to gain opinions on patients who travel from Scotland down to Newcastle for appointments.

    My story is I have Becker and was originally from Carlisle which had Newcastle as its closest centre for appointments. Several years ago I moved to Lockerbie and maintained using Newcastle for appointments. I go to clinics they hold in Carlisle but also to the Freeman’s for my cardio myopaphy. I keep up doing this as its all the specialists that have known me since my diagnosis over there in 1988. But increasingly It has had issues which possibly stem from Newcastle having so many patents.

    I was wondering who on here does the same, travel from the Borders or Dumfries and Galloway and go to Newcastle instead of Glasgow and Edinburgh?. Why they do it? Would you prefer a service which is closer to them that goes to Dumfries and Galloway or the Borders? Is there an issue with Scottish services?

    Any opinions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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