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    dinner trolley

    hey peeps. I found a top piece of kit on ebay for £35.00. its a wheeled dinner trolley that can be altered to a height of 40 inches.
    ive found it ideal for a number of things, ranging from wheeling my tea in to the living room, transporting wet laundry from the washer to the airer and transporting my groceries from the stair lift into the kitchen. its an absolute godsend.
    I really recommend it for any of you who are still pretty mobile but unsteady on your feet.


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    Re: dinner trolley

    Top Man !

    This is the one I use all the time.

    They gave it to me in 2010 as a way of safely transferring food from the Kitchen to living
    room, but just like you I use it for everything. Even makes a good footstool and a safety grab rail
    that is always with you.

    Took me a year to realise it was a great laundry trolley too, so you are ahead of me on that.

    Good buy !

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    Re: dinner trolley

    A highly multi functional tool :yes:

    Fab find!

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    Re: dinner trolley

    Got two. The swiss army of trollies. When Kristel’s here she has her lappy on top of one, knitting wool on bottom & the other serves for everything else.

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