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    Disability Sports – Boccia

    Boccia is a disability sport similar to carpet bowls only using much lighter balls that can be thrown. Rolled, kicked or propelled down a ramp. Listed below is a few useful links to clubs and resources.

    Boccia is a great sport for maintaining muscle and core strength in MD. I credit Boccia to aiding in slowing down my own MD progression and maintaining what level or strength I have. Below is some useful links.

    Its a growing sport but like many sports is seriously under represented by females.

    Girls In Boccia

    Scottish Boccia Clubs.

    Where to Play Boccia

    West of Scotland Boccia
    Right on Target Boccia Alloa
    Dundee Disability Sport


    Why not try out a new sport? have a look below at the many entry level sporting opportunity’s from Sport England and Scottish Disability sport for all ages. A wealth of sports and avenues to explore wither its engaging socially, making friends, exercise or training and advancing to competition level.

    Home Summer Camp

    Does anyone play an disability sport? we would love to hear from you? I myself play Boccia and Powerchair football and once tried wheelchair Curling.

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