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    Do I have MD?

    For the last 4-6 weeks I’ve had a number of episodes when I’ve woken up with muscle pain which feels like pulled muscles or sports injuries. In particular the tendons in my hands and wrists. I go to bed with one pain andwake up with another. Recently I have had pulled groin on each side,top of my arm and shoulder, my coccyx and this morning it’s the back of my knee, heel of my hand and shoulder. The only exercise I do is walking and this weekend not so much as I’ve had stuff on. I just want to wake up pain free.

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    Hello and welcome Scottie. Tge only place you will get the right answer is by seeing your GP and taking his or her advice. Those of us with MD have a multitude of symptoms and effects because of the wide range of MD types. WHilst you have muscle pain in various parts of your body it does not necessarily mean you have MD. The name is important here as dystrophy, or weakness, is the major symptom that affects us all. Do you have any notable weakness? Please do visit your doctor as soon as you can to get the ball rolling, and do pelase keep us informed on progress.


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