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    Dysphagia (swallowing) difficulties

    Hi All

    I would like to know about other experiences of Dysphagia. This issue has crept up on me and combined with jaw tightening and reduced strength in arm I use to feed myself, I feel it’s built to a perfect storm. So far I have had a SALT assessment including a swallow test and a fluroscopy which is a real-time Xray that captures how I swallow food and liquid with barium. I await an appointment to find out what the report jargon means. I admit to googling some of it!!

    Be interested to hear from who has experienced this.

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    That does indeed lk like a perfect storm.My own experience has been exceedingly mild and slow growing, simply altering my limited diet has for the most part solved it for now. Has the SALT given you any ideas not just on its cause but also on how it may be ameliorated. I am sure it will be laid at the door of MD, but me being me would wonder why now and why all the things together. Are you having a more generalised decline of which this may be a part? Do please let us know what the Barium Swallow test reveals.


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    Hi sars, my journey into md started about 4 years ago, all of my problems started then, including dysphagia, ptosis, arthritis, and gluten intolerance. Firstly a digging sensation in the jaw and mild dysphagia and pain in right eye and drooping of eyelid and right knee arthritis. Then the following year the dysphagia escalated till I struggled to eat yoghurt, after realising I had a gluten intolerance, by going on a strict gluten free diet my swallowing improved although I still have swallowing problems and have to be careful. I now have joint and back pain which I just had xrays for. I have noticed on here that seems to be quite common md sufferers on here. Of course I am not suggesting you have problems with gluten, I notice that you have a weakness in your arm I also have a problem with my arm and excruciating pain when moving it. Does anyone else in your family have these problems. Hope you find this of some help. Cc

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