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    ESA medical certificate

    Hi, please could you help me with advice: what medical certificate I should ask my GP to provide for me to apply for ESA contribution based? Should I ask for indefinitely fit for work note , since I have progressive muscular dystrophy or there are time period rules with DWP what medical certificate I should send with my application form looking to be put in a support group? Thank you.

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    Hello and welcome Sunshine. It seems my earlier reply has vanished. However, I would say that in that I suggested that it is entirely up to your GP/medical advisor as to what type of certificate is issued and for how long. he/she is privy to all of your medical history and it is based on that and their medical experience that they make the assessment that is required. As you rightly say MD is progressive but the rate at which it will progress is not predictable, as with many other medical conditions and thus it would not be possible for your GP to take and decisions as to how fit you will be in say five years time.
    I would advise you to make an appointment to discuss this with your GP so that the right sort of support can be enabled for you.


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