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    extreme pain

    hi, Pips again- talking about pain, AGAIN! I’ve overdone it trying to pot up some saplings in the garden. Something which would likely leave most people, even without MD, in pain! Gardening is damn hard. I used to suffer pain all the time, and have been free of the worst of it for a while, unless i overdo it or fall- the former i rarely do now. I have assumed my muscles have become a bit weaker so i can no longer do the things which would leave me in pain, before. However, Ive now got that all too familiar agony! Pain even when im sat still, like flu aching all over but mainly back and legs and arms. I guess ppl without MD probably only get the pain when they over exercise and the try to move around, but this is relentless- even when still. In the past ive given blood at these times and drs have watched me for signs of rhabdomyolysis because my CK has been sky high. But ive always managed to stay at home drinking lots of fluids. Anyone have experience with Rhabdo? Anything specific for me to watch out for this time? As its sunday eve and dont want to rush to dr with pain! I know about colour of urine, mine seems fine.

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    Hello again Pippa, i truly am sorry that you are having so much problem with pain. Sadly, as you know, those of us with MD know a lot about it. I wonder if you use Lignocaine patches for these type of acute episodes? They certainly help me when I overdo it.
    It is also going to be hard to tell the difference between MD and rhabdomyolysis, so many similar symptoms, especially in the light of a normal urine test. I am sure someone may be able to offer something more positive soon.


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    Thanks Mike! I’ve tried every type of painkiller, I’m pretty sure. Patches were great but made me a bit desperate for more!!! The best one for me was amitrypyiline but found I gained weight because it made me sluggish! So I try not to overdo it now. Not very successfully!

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