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    Hi, does anyone know what is the reason behind Fasciculations; muscle twitches in md? I don’t get them often but I get them every few months in one area, today it won’t stop in my shoulder. Is it too do with the muscle getting weaker?

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    Re: Fasciculations

    is that what its called ? i have had this mainly in my arms and shoulders for years …hasnt really bothered me as not painful , just irritating sometimes …especially when trying to get to sleep

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    Re: Fasciculations

    This is a new one on me, I’ve never heard or had this problem, is it painful?

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    Re: Fasciculations

    Led to believe it goes with the territory we find ourselves in. I get fasciculations too mainly in the shoulder and upper arm muscles. Not painful just annoying.

    Thought we all got them?

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    Re: Fasciculations

    My leg muscles twitch when I’m getting my breath back if I’ve walked too far. It’s not painful, just a sign I’ve done too much. It doesn’t happen any other time

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