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    Fatigue/excessive sleepiness

    Hi all!

    Quick question – do any of you suffer from fatigue and/or excessive daytime sleepiness? If so, how are your symptoms managed?

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    Re: Fatigue/excessive sleepiness

    hiya Cassini. im always asleep. I used to put it down to afternoon slump or boredom. but now im not so sure.
    it just seems to creep up on me. one min I can be drinking a brew and all of a sudden, my eyes will become really sore
    and stingy. the next thing I know, ive been asleep for 3hrs. a few hrs later. it happens again


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    Re: Fatigue/excessive sleepiness

    Often it takes careful management of diaries, not having two ‘out’ days running consecutively. You learn to ignore the chores that need doing, and you learn to prioritise things at the home. Sometimes you can do no more than sit back, close your eyes and listen to the TV or radio or book.

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    Re: Fatigue/excessive sleepiness

    Hello everyone :)

    I used to have this and for me it boiled down to two things ~

    Firstly, my weak lung muscles. At night my breathing is very shallow and when I fall into a deep sleep I stop breathing because my lung muscles just give in and then my brain wakes me by giving me a jolt in the form of a loud snort/snoring. As a result of this I’m not getting enough oxygen at night and also I’m not getting rid of my carbon dioxide which is just as dangerous. The symptoms of this are waking with a headache and feeling hung-over, feeling groggy for the first hour or two after waking up and just suddenly falling asleep no matter what you’re doing. For this I was given a bi-pap ventilation machine which I use every night and I wake up feeling great. Its very serious if you’re not getting rid of the carbon dioxide in your body so if you think that this might be the case then please go speak to your respiratory specialist or GP to be referred. The condition is called Sleep Apnoea, you’ve probably heard of it.

    Secondly, my diet. Eating healthily has completely transformed my life. I used to eat large, stodgy, convenience meals and eating large meals made breathing a struggle as my diaphragm squashes against my lungs. And also the fact that I get all of the nutrients that my body needs means that I’m super healthy and don’t feel tired anymore. I get the nutrients from fruit and veg capsules. Being wheelchair dependant means I have to watch my weight because I pile on the pounds now that I’m inactive but I need extra nutrients to keep my immune system fighting fit and to keep colds and viruses at bay, so having the nutrients in capsules keeps my weight down while I get all the nutrients that my body needs to be as healthy as it can be on a cellular level. Since starting the fruit and veg capsules I haven’t had one cold and its been 20 months now. Its incredible because I would have at least 5 colds a year which would develop into a chest infection.

    I hope this has helped :)

    Take care guys :)

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    Re: Fatigue/excessive sleepiness

    Hi Cassini,

    Can I suggest you ask for a sleep breathing assessment. Muscle conditions can also affect your lungs or muscles around them such as the diaphragm. Symptoms can include daytime sleepiness, waking up un-refreshed from sleep, morning headaches, hungover feeling to name a few. Ask GP for referral to Respiratory and if already seen there mention symptoms. If you think it will he,p you could all take a copy of an Epworth score….you will find it on google.

    Good luck

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