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    Finding friends

    Hello all, I am going to get right to the point. I am lonely and don’t know what to do about it.

    I have been divorced for about 8 years, and haven’t worked in all that time either. My few friends have drifted off one by one, as their busy lives take up more and more if their time. Do any of you feel like this in any way, is there any clubs or groups you can recommend for people in this situation?

    Kind regards

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    Hi ranald

    What about a disability sport? try ling below for ideas and contacts for your area.

    I have tried wheelchair curling and wheelchair football as well as currently playing boccia. You dont need to play boccia from a wheelchair just from a seated position.

    Carpet bowls for disabled might also be an idea as it can be done seated.

    It really depends what you are interested in. your library might have list of groups ie acting. music. learning an instrument like guitar or crafts like baking, knitting or sewing.

    There is Disabled ramblers groups.

    cat x

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    All great ideas, Cat. I wish I could motivate myself a wee bit and take your advice!
    I’m not a wheelchair user, I sometimes think I won’t be a wheelie, ever. I have talked about a fancy scooter for long distances before, but my Neurologist says I should keep on my feet as much as possible. Once I stop walking, I won’t be able to go back.
    My knees seem to be wobbling around a fair bit these days, I am under instruction from a physio, and he says my quadriceps and tendons that should support my knees are the most wasted muscles. I am doing daily exercises to strengthen them. (A long shot I reckon)
    I think your disabled rambling idea is my favourite, just as long as I can bring the dog with me! (The scooter I like is the TGA Breeze 4. I don’t want my family to shell out that much just yet, although the offer is there.)

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    Ranald, may I say to you that I have received the same advice about keeping mobile for as long as you can, but I would seriously consider getting a scooter. I did, and I find the freedom it gives me to get about is amazing. It doesn’t take away my need to exercise my leg muscles, for which I have a number of routines to keep going, but it does relieve the burden of, say, wandering around ASDA, getting your shopping. Do consider it, and also do consider getting a second hand one. Mine cost me £500, virtually new. On road capability and great ground clearance.
    As for being lonely, it is a terrible thing. With seven kids and nine grandchildren it is not something I see very often, but for those that do it is a bad situation to be in. Cat, has wisely asked what you are interested in, as that is always a good place to start, but you might also consider what you would like to try too. With both of those you could then ask yourself what are the chances of meeting people with whom you can form friendships. My suggestion that might fill both criteria is to join Rotary. You will have the opportunity to help others, and at the same time there will be numerous social events that you could join in with. I have been a member for fifteen years, lately though not very active, and I can certainly vouch for the friendships you will form and the satisfaction you will get. I can help you with that if you wish. I think I would also ask if you are looking for personal contact, or are you happy for ‘pen friend’ type of contact, and no, I would never, ever suggest Face thingy. Do come back with your thoughts.

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    Hi Ranald

    I had the need to meet new people some years back. I felt like I was withdrawing a bit and someone suggested I look at meetup. It’s a network of groups, some dating but mainly just social. I joined a few in my local area and took part in events they organised ranging from drinks out a to trip to an art gallery and a few meals. It was great to get me out and mixing with the world again.

    You have to join and set up a brief profile then you can search by town or postcode to see what groups are about.

    Check it out here if you are interested.

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