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    getting dressed

    Ok, Ive always been manually lifted. But my folks are getting old so Im having to adapt. Hoists are all well & good for transferring but how the hell do you guys get pants & trousers up & down???
    Iv tried wriggling on the bed but its impossible to get your clothes straight & your pants comfy this way! Plus (sorry if this is tmi) but if you’re on your period you cant do the whole wriggle on the bed, right.

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    I don’t hoist (yet) but like yourself am In same situation that myself and carer ie mother is getting on in years. So learning to future proof.

    I did have a friend who used his hoist when dressing. Picture a hoist sling the type that goes under legs at knees and empty space under bum but full back support.

    Pull pants and trousers up legs as high as possible. The put sling under knees over partially pulled up trousers. Raise sling a little to lift bum off bed but not high enough to hurt back. This hopefully will give PA enough free space to pull pants and trousers up.

    Again I dont use this technique. haven’t seen it in practice and couldn’t find any youtube videos showing it. so please be careful trying it.

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