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    Hi everyone, My name is Faiqa i m 27yrs old married and have 2 beautiful girls! I suffer from Limb Girldle MD. And only discovered that 4yrs back, coping with but its hard work. Its lovely actually to read interesting stories, because when you feel that the worst is happen to you, you dont realise that there are other people in similar or worse positions.

    M really looking forward to get answers thanks a lot! :D

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    Re: Hi

    Hi Faiga,

    Welcome to the site.

    It sounds as it you have a busy but difficult time.

    Several of our regular posters have limb girdle and will be
    pleased to advise you. Already there are several threads
    on the subject so browse away. Feel free to ask questions,
    quietly lurk, chat away or just vent when times are bad.

    "Even if you are not paranoid, it does not mean they are not out to get you!".

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    Re: Hi

    Hi Faigi welcome to the forum

    I have Limb Girdle too!

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    Re: Hi

    Welcome Faiqa. I bet those girls keep you busy. :D

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    Re: Hi

    Hi Faiqa, welcome to TalkMD :)

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