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    Hoist toileting slings

    Hi I am wondering if any of the members can recommend good hoist toileting slings.
    I have LG MD. The ones I have, my rear end keeps slipping down!!
    Does anyone else have this problem?

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    Hi and welcome to forum. I dont use hoist but know a lady who does Im sure she will be along shortly.

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    Hi Lizzielou

    I have two types of sling. One a toileting sling (also called hygiene sling) and one for other transfers. Both are from a company called Silvalea. I had reps and an OT help me find the right ones for my size and posture.

    I cannot support myself at all so I have a high back sling for toileting. Happy to answer any questions on here or in a private message if you’d prefer. I know how hard it is to find a product that works. It took me months and it held up the installation of the hoist.

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