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    Home Assessment Anomaly…..

    The DWP have released figures about the number of PIP home assessments carried by IAS (formerly Atos) and Capita.

    The statistics reveal that the following home PIP assessments were carried out in 2018-2019:

    Scotland & the North (IAS) 76,890
    The South of England (IAS) 47,160
    Wales and Midlands (Capita) 116,630
    We don’t have figures for the total number of assessments carried out by the two companies for that precise period.

    But we do know that in the whole of 2018 Capita carried out 221,800 assessments.

    For the same period IAS carried out 733, 800

    So, this suggests that approximately 50% of all Capita claimants are assessed at home.

    But only around 16% of IAS assessments are at home.

    So, claimants in Wales and the Midlands are three times more likely to be spared a long trip to an assessment centre as claimants in the North and South of England and in Scotland.

    So ATOS up to their old tricks.

    Looks like I was so lucky to have a home Assessment living in
    the south.

    That made such a difference to me! Firstly not having to travel
    which is always a nightmare. Secondly the assessor could see
    me in the home environment where I spend 99% of my time. He
    was amazed at all the Adaptations and gadgets and stopped the
    assessment saying I would not have any problem with his report.
    He did not even bother to see my level access shower and
    electric profiling bed.

    Crazy that for such an important decision that affects
    disabled people’s lives so much there are such differences.
    We should all be entitled to a home visit under the same conditions.

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    Reply To: Home Assessment Anomaly…..

    Let me support that too. Many of the assessment done locally to me are in difficult to access places. Deliberately I am sure as it means that they deny the benefits to even more people. Away from their ‘home’ environment, the assessors cannot set little traps for the unwary, like putting the assessment room up a hill where there is very inadequate bus services, and disabled parking is in a car park at the bottom of another incline to get to the waiting area.
    I am not paranoid, I have seen it with my own eyes, so I do know that they are out to get us us.
    Perhaps this difference should be highlighted more widely so that those of us in the north could benefit more from the access to the scheme.


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