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    Housing & Pip Advice


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    hi and welcome to forum.
    Sorry for late reply
    Can you explain fully what you need to know thanks.


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    Hi, my son has becker / intermediate md, he has just started his own family and has been living in a privately rented house with his spouse and two children, unfortunately the home owner has sold the house. They went to the local council for housing and were promised a new build before Christmas. This now wont be ready until February ish. The new home owner wants them out before christmas. The council have now said if they dont continue to wait for this one they’ve signed for, they can only have a flat or maisonette. Which are unsuitable for my sons ever deteriorating condition. Does anyone know who to contact for help? Councillors or medical professionals?
    Any advice would be a bonus, thanks in advance.

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    Hello Ronin, I am sorry that you have to come with this problem. Sadly, not all that uncommon. The first stop I would be making is the tenancy agreement. Check in there if they can get rid of you in that time frame. This may well depend on how long they have been renting it. I would also seek legal advice. Perhaps a free half hour session with a solicitor that specialises in that sort of work. look around to check what sort of temporary accommodation there is to rent in the interim. I would guess that this would most certainly be better than what the Council would use if you were to become homeless. Check out the MDUK support too as they have an excellent advocacy service, as well as legal advice too. Make your local Councillor aware of what is going on in the hopes that (s)he can ensure that the new build you have been promised will actually arrive on the new time. I would suspect that medical professionals will be unlikely to make any difference here as it seems to be a primarily council driven matter.
    I am sure that others may well be able to offer other advice too so please keep a watch on the page.


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