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    In Total Panic.

    My husband copes indoors walking tho has falls. Manages stairs slowly with rail either side but outside Neuro physio says not safe with aids. Think his spacial awareness is effected. I have arthritis in spine ,neck and both hips replaced. Im trying to cope with short drives but lack confidence and know I can’t lift a wheelchair.Maybe on level push battery one. We have WV car.Cant face a bigger car!

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    Hello figaro and welcome. Have you thought about a mobility scooter. Many of them collapse to the size of a small suitcase and can be put in the back of even a small car very easily. Some of the bigger scooters will also take apart and so can be put in a car boot5 in separate pieces. As for your stairs please do consider a stairlift. they are very easy to operate (I have had one for years) and are very safe to use as well. Did the neuro people say why he could not use aids, or was it just some?


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    Hi and welcome to the Forum

    Doctors are very knowledgeable but in this situation I would contact a Occupational Therapist to assess his needs and mobility. Its balancing keeping active and reducing risk. If your husband is struggling with stairs then as Mike says a Stair lift may be safer. They are very safe and can have seat belts to secure even the most unstable posture. An OT can be reached by self referral via most councils or by your GP. The OT will be able to advise or supply grab bars or rails to ease struggling. If your husband struggled with spacial awareness and the OT decides he may not be suited to a powerchair or scooter then there is assisted devices that would help you push a manual chair via a small motor that clips to wheels of a manual chair to reduce the push effort you yourself have to perform. Im not sure if this is something wheelchair services could supply.

    You may want to also ask OT and social work for a ‘carers assessment’ this would assess what you may need in order to care for your husband along side his needs.

    What kind of VW car do you own. As Mike says a boot hoist for a small chair or scooter may help you both. I have a VW caddy with rear ramp which is so much easier for my mother and family to load wheelchairs etc into boot without lifting. VW Caddy is size of average estate car.

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