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    Income protection insurance

    Hi everyone :new:
    My husband has myotonic dystrophy type 1 and is self-employed. At his appointment yesterday his neurologist suggested we take out some type of income protection insurance in case he injures himself at work or is sick, as it may take him longer to recover as the disease progresses.
    Has anyone managed to find a company that will insure with pre-existing conditions? Luckily we took our life insurance out before he was diagnosed!!
    Thanks :)

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    Reply To: Income protection insurance

    An excellent idea, but I think you may well struggle to find a company willing to accept pre existing conditions. At the very least there may well be a medical or limitations on what you may get. I would have thought that you would already have had it covered under your existing business insurance or did you opt out? Might be worth checking your exisitng paper work. Certainly being self employed is a huge gamble and is fraught with difficulty, you certainly would not want him further penalised because of his MD. A quick Google search was not very helpful as I am sure you have found. I am sure someone will cone along with more positive news soon.

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