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    Internship in Sydney, Australia

    My name is Laura Richter and I have recently completed my second year of studying for a Degree in Fashion Design with Marketing and Production, at the University of Huddersfield, in England. This 4 year sandwich course requires me to take a year out, between the 2nd and final year, to gain experience in the industry. I have been offered a 9 month internship with a bridal company, Souraya, in Ashbury, Sydney, NSW which is to start at the end of September.
    I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy and am a full time electric wheelchair user. I wondered if anyone had any advice/ useful information or if anyone has travelled to Australia in a wheelchair before?
    I lived there for 5 years as a child but I was not in a wheelchair back then so it will be completely different this time round! :new:
    Kind Regards :fly:

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    Re: Internship in Sydney, Australia

    Hi Laura

    Welcome to the forum! I’ve just seen your post and am so excited about this opportunity you have coming up next month! I would love to chat to you more – if you’d be happy to do so – to find out more about this, and about your course in general. I write Target MD, the charity’s lifestyle magazine, and I would really love to write a piece about this adventure of yours. If you are happy to do so, please drop me a line at and we can take it from there.

    Kind regards

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    Re: Internship in Sydney, Australia

    Hello Laura,

    I’m afraid I can’t offer you any advice or helpful information, never having travelled with my wheelchair, but I would like to say what a fabulous opportunity you have, and I hope you make the most of it! To have achieved what you have so far shows you have determination to succeed so I am confident that you will enjoy your placement in Sydney. If anyone else from the forum can help with your query, I am sure you will find some messages in your mailbox soon.

    With very best wishes,


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