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    Introducing myself

    :new: hi my name is elaine I’m 51, I live in nailsea near bristol uk
    I been a carrier of duchenne muscular dystrophy for as long as I can remember at the age of 14
    My late brother who died over 30 years he had duchenne muscular dystrophy
    I was lucky enough to have 2 daughters age 23 and 22 who one is not a carrier i have a lovely granddaughter we yet to find out about my other daughter shes not ready to take the test.
    Each year I go for assements at the local hospital and have an m.o.t every 2 years at another hospital
    :ty: for taking the time to ready my introduction
    Regards elaine :wave:

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Elaine. I found it an interesting story that you have, especially the part about one daughter not yet ready to take the test. I can fully understand how she may feel, as regardless of what many may think, it could b a life changing decision for her especially if children are planned. I had to have very deep thoughts about my own children, seven, as to whether it was a good idea to know or not. In the end we had them tested as soon as was practical and only one was proven to have the condition, none of the others were even carriers.
    On a complete aside I love my grandkids, nine so far, because you get to give them back. Probably having children is for young people methinks.


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    :welcome: Elaine

    Good to have you on board!

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