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    Labour MP Jo Cox

    I am shocked at the premature & ghastly murder of Labour MP Jo Cox today.

    This is an afront to our society, the people elected to represent us & democracy. It has made me incredibly sad.

    I say a great deal about politicians & wish many could experience the hardships we face as a result of their actions/inaction but, would never wish this sort of harm to anyone.

    And the more I’ve heard about this lady, the more it seems her death is not only a loss to her family & constituency but, on a far wider scale.

    A real humanist.

    RIP Jo Cox.

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    Reply To: Labour MP Jo Cox

    So sad that someone’s mother, daughter, sister etc life is cut short on the bases of a job or beliefs. Don’t know this lady or what she stood for but acts of violence like this is awful.

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    Reply To: Labour MP Jo Cox

    It’s emerging he had mental health issues. With all the bad things happening recently everywhere, it’s almost as if the public are imploding whilst the Governments here and in the US, are realising that playing out elections and referendums like reality TV gameshows is backfiring in the most saddening and sickening of ways. This planet is severely depressed and the loss of this amazing lady is extremely upsetting.

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    Reply To: Labour MP Jo Cox

    I did not know the young lady either but I wold echo the comments above. Apparently the polcie were thinking about offering her protection as she had been receiving threatening messages for months. Decision making is getting increasingly difficult and prolonged for many reasons. Here it has cost a valuable and beautiful life. But I do hope that we do not hear those stupid words later that “lessons will be learned”.
    May she rest in peace with her God at her side.


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    Reply To: Labour MP Jo Cox

    It was incredibly moving walking past the floral tributes on Parlianent Square last week, there was also a condolence book in Westminster Hall. We also saw her barge home that had been moved and moored opposite parliaments terrace.

    Whatever his plea, whatever his mental status, whatever his reasoning, other than galvanising the country into mourning the action will achieve nothing but render two innocent children motherless.

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    Reply To: Labour MP Jo Cox

    Agreed :cry:

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