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    I am thinking of taking my daughters to Legoland at the end of the month, it is a very long way for me, 491.8 miles to be exact. ;)

    The cost of flying or going on the train is exorbitant, i will have no choice but to take my car. If my parents carry out their threat to come as well, they will probably fly to Heathrow Airport from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

    I have checked out hotels and the Travelodge Heathrow T5 looks ok, its right off the M25 at junction 14, not exactly picturesque but handy for Legoland.

    I would just have to bimble down the M90, M74, M6, M40 and then the M25, no trouble, its a pretty straight road, the only problem is staying awake when i take pregabalin and Co-Codamol!

    The point of this post is to find out if anyof you guys have been to Legoland? Is it worth the effort of nearly 1000 miles driving?

    All the best

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    Re: Legoland

    Not done the Windsor one, I did go to the original one in Denmark many moons ago and it was a very interesting fun place. There are a few interesting attractions in that area but like most things it is the £££ [unless it was you who won €uro Millions]

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    Re: Legoland

    Well worth it. the mini village and the cool rides. amazing fun for all ages

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    Re: Legoland

    There’s a “mini” one at the Trafford Centre in Manchester, but that is for younger kids I think, unsure on your daughters ages. Worth checking out as its half the distance!

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    Re: Legoland


    I’ve been to legoland 3 times, twice when I was little (and therefore young enough to drive the lego cars) and then once about 8 or so years ago to see Blue in concert.

    I don’t like rides but like ‘people watching’ but there is a lot to do anyway. (I went on a skyride thing where you pedal a car really high up and didn’t realise how high up it was and ended up pedalling with my eyes shut!)

    I keep saying to my fiance about going again but neither of us like rides so there’s not much point in us going, but I would definately recommend it if you have young children who can drive the lego cars and boats.

    There is also a new submarine aquarium ride now which looks good, although I have a huge phobia of aquariums/sharks, so not for me, but there is a lot to do there.

    It is really hilly too but there is a train that takes you up and down the hill.

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