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    Life cover with Becker MD

    I have Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy, with mild cardiomyopathy, I am finding it so difficult to get life cover for mortgage etc, anybody know of any insurers that will be able to help?

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    Hello and welcome CJR. I have not come across this problem myself but I am sure someone will come along shortly with some advice. I have just done a quick search and it does seem that some insurance companies may insure for that type of critical illness as they call it. Try asking around on some of the money advice sites. You might find some more links.


    PS getting the cover may be expensive if you can find it

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    Hi I wasn’t able to get insurance for mortgage. Have recently been made aware that Fish insurance is sympathetic with MD. they have a friends of MDUK insurance policy for travel. you could esquire about mortgage insurance.

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