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    Limb Girdle Type 2B

    Hi all,

    I’ve been lurking for a little while, but thought I may as well put out an introductory post. I have MD Limb Girdle type 2B and myoshi myopathy. As a 28 year old, it’s been a little odd getting used to using a walking stick (I’ve started using it every time I use the house now), but I’d rather have the stick than worry about finding something to hold onto whilst I’m queueing, or waiting at traffic lights etc.

    I’m a portrait photographer, and although I’ve slowed down because I’m finding it more difficult, I’d be really open to talking to anyone about doing portraits of people with muscle wasting conditions, and the people in their lives.



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    Reply To: Limb Girdle Type 2B

    Hi Jono

    Welcome to forum. It is daunting when aids start to be introduced into life but much safer especially in this weather.

    Its lovely that your interested in helping document peoples lives in pictures. Getting a perfect shot can be hard work with main stream commercial chain group photographers as they don’t always have the time or interest to get a good angle etc.

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    Hello Jono. I was a professional photographer for nearly twenty years before my FHSD took a real hold. Happy to chat about things photography any time.


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