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    Looking for some advise

    My brother in-law has MD and over the last year his health has has gotten worse. My monther in-law had the nurse out this morning and they have advised that a pacemaker could be fitted to improve his quality of live. He is obviously very nervous out about getting this done and has been speaking with me about it.we are looking to see if any other family’s have been through this process and could give some advise. :new:

    Many thanks

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    Hi there. Nerves are quite understandable, especially when it is to do with the heart. I have not had this procedure nor know anyone who has, hopefully one of our readers will be able to help you

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    Hi I have had a pacemaker fitted it’s not painful, you are only in for a day. It’s quite quick a bit uncomfortable but not to dab at all. I’m very pleased I had it done feel a lot better for it.

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    hiya Jon. I had my first pacemaker fitted way back in 2003, to combat AF. I was kept in over night for monitoring, but sent home the following day.
    I had my replacement pacemaker fitted last year. I was kept in roughly for about 4hrs after.
    all I had was a bit of internal bruising in my chest muscle, a bit of soreness that’s all. but that settled after 2 days.
    its really worth getting done :yes:


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