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    Medication for muscle spasms?

    Claire – the only suggestions I can make would be either to try supplementing magnesium or try a medication (I don’t know what you call it where you are) called Baclofen.

    Baclofen is used to lessen spasming in quadriplegics and people with MS, so I can only assume that it would help MD as well, but you would have to ask the doctor.

    Magnesium is a mineral which can be supplemented to stop leg spasms and twitches (eg restless leg syndrome and muscle cramps).

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: Medication for muscle spasms?

    At the recent Neuromuscular Members Conference in
    Taunton several people gave very favourable mentions
    of Baclofen.

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    Re: Medication for muscle spasms?

    Hello Claire – I take clonazepam three times a day in the form of drops, with a larger dose in the evening. This is used both as an anti-epileptic and muscle relaxant. As for Magnesium, yes I take it daily, in a good dose of 70%-80% dark chocolate – it tastes much nicer than pure magnesium, and raises the serotonin levels, (well I pretend it does) but should’nt be taken just before you go to bed because if its stimulant properties.

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    Re: Medication for muscle spasms?

    Here is another medication used for curing muscular spasms – generic for Fexmid.

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