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    Mother is a carrier worried about son

    We just found out my wife is a carrier of DMD. We have a 23 month old son we are worried about. My mother in law had 3 brothers with DMD but had a son that showed no signs of MD and is now in his late 30s.

    Our son is 23 months old has shown no symptoms of MD. He walks (11 mo), runs and can jump off the ground on two legs. He gets up off the floor from a lunge position and has an extensive vocabulary. He shows no signs of the “early signs of DMD”. We are going to get him tested as soon as possible. Is this common for symptoms to just show up one day when he’s 3 or 4? The only symptom I have noticed is he has a bit of a curled toe on his foot. I know we can’t know for sure until he gets tested but just trying to put my mind at ease.

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    Hi And welcome to forum

    Like you say only 100% way of knowing is the testing.

    I cant think of any symptoms that would cause toe curling apart from possibly toe walking where the walker cant put heal down on ground.

    Try at this stage not to look too much into depth. Google can be a great tool or a dangerous one.

    I have read articles that carriers can sometimes show some traits of MD without having the full physical condition.

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