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    my grandson

    Hi my name is Teresa and my two grandson 4 and 14 months have recently been diagnosed with ducheene md. .I am very interested in any help with diet and vitamins anyone has been trying…

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    Hello and welcome Teresa. I am sure someone will be along shortly with advice although clearly we would suggest getting referrals to support like physio and dietician are important. Have you been referred to a paediatric neurologist?


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    Hi Teresa

    There is A guide for parents Of children with DMD which says a little about diet (p.29).

    I know of another publication produced by DMDPathfinderd that deals specifically with nutrition in DMD but it may not be so relevant as it is aimed at adults. I have added the Nutrition guide anyway as it may be of interest to others: Nutrition Guide

    Talking to other parents, grandparents and caregivers is always a good way to share info and experiences. You may already be aware of a support group called Duchenne Family Support Group

    And Action Duchenne produce some great information too.

    All the very best and please come back to us with any other questions.

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