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    My little girl any help?

    Hi I have a little girl who is 7.

    She spent the first year of her life in hospital with breathing and feeding difficultioes. Her breathing has been put down to congenital hypoventillation with no know cause and she is on a Bipap.

    She sleeps lots and tires easy. When she was younger she had an abnormal emg but as her muscles were strong?!? they ignore the results. A few years on and school ar ehaving to give her special rulers and pencils etc as he hands shake after a while and after excersis she is very sleepy.

    She has recently had an EMG done whoch shows myopathy of the antirior tibialis and the Brachioradialis (arms and legs) and was sent for an MRI. The MRI has shown reduced Muscle bulk in the right hand side of her body but there is no signal loss.

    Doctor is on annual leave so no one can let me know what this all means.

    Has anyone ever heard of a condition that includes myopathy and atrophy without muscle signal being affected?

    Any help would be great :)

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Clearly there are a great number of factors influencing what is called differential diagnosis, i.e. making a decision as to what is causing the problem. Clearly the right person for this is the specialist who is looking after her. Whilst it may not be what you want to hear it will be so much better to await the return of the specialist. The correct diagnosis can lead you n the right direction to deal with the problem. Believe me, any clinician who is away on leave is constantly aware of the well being of his/her patients and will want to address her diagnosis as soon as possible.
    Do please keep us informed.


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    Hi and welcome to forum.

    When I was first tested in 80s my muscles both received and sent messages. I have CMD Rigid spine. This test involved a electric pulse being sent to the muscles in thigh and upper arm. (Not sure if this still a method used or what its called)

    Now in my late 30s my muscles still send and receive activity messages to move but is poorer now with the aging process, various injury’s and progressive muscle weakness. Certain muscles not strong enough to obey the message.

    I know I’ve not really answered your question just given my personal account, info best given by doctors. I would however like to share that my weaker side is side that my scoliosis curve in spine was more prominent on. Sometimes with curving of spine nerves get compressed and muscles either over stretch or weaken as our body compensates. My left foot shake stopped in my teens after my spinal operation. Ask your doctor to monitor back as well. Im sure they are as they have done an MRI and would see any spinal issues.

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