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    Still no word on pm’s?

    There’s a rather dubious request in introductions that may be completely innocent but, I have my doubts & can’t warn anyone against it & I’m not willing to do so publicly as I can’t be 100% certain.

    Strangers don’t tend to turn up unannounced & request to be contacted via a third party platform rather than the one they’ve signed up for without an ulterior motive ;) .

    If anyone else is familiar with the OP, I apologise.

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    Hi Wonder Woman

    I agree it is frustrating that the PM facility is not yet sorted. We have raised this many times on behalf of our members and we hope to have news soon as to when this will be available. There are times when it would be so useful to be able to PM folk.

    You will notice we have removed the personal details from the post you mentioned. We are awaiting guidance.

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