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    New to Forum – Odd Symptoms

    Hi all.

    New forum member and still in limbo on a possible diagnosis for symptoms that started 3 years ago. I can still function physically but there are definite changes happening to my body, mostly notable atrophy in my glutes, around my knees, and in my shoulders. Some actions that use my shoulder muscles cause some pain so I imagine that those muscles are virtually non-existent at this point. I have ongoing GI and post-nasal drip issues, and periodic episodes of breathing difficulty (that are oddly relieved by my constant belching so I guess they’re just gas pockets).

    I’m waiting on a specialist to help with the diagnosis, but I was wondering if anyone on the forum has experienced other neurological symptoms such as symmetrical tingling or fibrillations in the cheeks that feel like a tuning fork, and partial numbness in the feet. What also makes my condition peculiar is that my symptoms will “migrate” from one part of my body to another, so they have a hard time being in two places at the same time. My symptoms for whatever reason also seem to spike in the late afternoon and continue until roughly 8 pm where they will generally ease-up. They seem to respond to stress and illness.

    Does this ring any bells for anyone?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Mike. You do indeed seem to have a cornucopia of problems there. Clearly the best person to help here wold be the specialist you will be seeing who will be able to arrange appropriate testing and ultimately give you a diagnosis. Many of us can relate to various parts of your symptomolgy of course as it certainly is varied, but to get a true diagnosis it is imperative that you wait until you have received advice from the specialist. Clealry if your symptoms worsen then you must go back to yourGP. Please do keep us informed of any progress.


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    I was diagnosed with OPMD in my late 40’s. I’m am turning 67 in may.
    Im recently having issues with chocking on flem in the night. I wake up in a panic with this. Is there anyone who is getting any meds that help with this?

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