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    No Fly Britain

    Report on C4 News last night, part of their series on the (failing) Paralympic “legacy”, on the problems for disabled people in air travel. Features MD Traiblazers…

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    Re: No Fly Britain

    Only real problems I have had were

    Heavy handed handlers not treating my chair properly, consequently the thingy that keeps the arm locked broke off and every time someone lifted the chair by the arm it came off! [Heathrow]

    Stranded on the tarmac [literally] at Madrid Airport – but really that was unavoidable, the pilot refused to take that number of wheelies/disabled on his flight, but they quckly put us on another flight in first class, cept all our chairs were on the original fight and waiting at baggage claim and we were all stuck at the gate! [Heathrow again]

    Gatwick, Vienna, Berlin, Newark USA, Houston USA, Miami USA, New Orlean USA, Detroit USA .. all very helpful.

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    Re: No Fly Britain

    I would love to go on holiday abroad but I know that I would be constantly worried about [a] needing the loo on the plane and it not being accessible and my wheelchair being damaged/lost in transit and then being stranded. The whole nightmare scenario has put me off. I know the stress of worrying would mean I wouldn’t look forward to the holiday and I couldn’t relax and enjoy it when I got there!


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