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    Recent BMD diagnosis

    Hi my 5yr old son has recently been diagnosed with Beckers an our youngest son who is 3 has just had a blood test to check his ck levels etc what is the likely hood of him having BMD or could he even have a different type of MD? He’s been displaying the same sort of symptoms my eldest did when we first took him to the Drs a yr ago. As far as me an my husband are aware no one in our family has had any form of MD so we were expecting this result an would just like to prepare for the next result as Dr isn’t really saying much yet.

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    Hello and welcome Sarah. It must be a very tense time for your family. However, frustrating as it may seem, your doctor’s approach is absolutely correct. Undertaking the blood test is a great starting point, but it is just that. You will remember how long and what tests were needed for your five year old, so the same will apply to your youngest. Every good differential diagnosis as its called, takes some time, especially where you cannot image a problem like you would in a fracture. It also needs multiple tests of one form or another, coupled with your consultant’s expertise, to be able to same with some certainty what the problem is. For example to base it on the CK test alone would be wrong as raised CK level can occur with other illnesses too. Whilst clearly you are doing the right thing by watching what symptoms are showing, lease try not to pre judge, which is very difficult. You have also done the right thing by getting him to your doctor at the earliest opportunity, and I am sure that, in view of your older son’s diagnosis, that it will help speed things in the right direction for you.
    Meantime, keep watching and try and be patient, the answer will be with you very soon .


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