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    I’ve had a new pain…. ((how exciting!!)) NOT!!
    The bone at the base of my neck/top of spine is sore (feels bruised, some stiffness in neck). Dr gave me antibiotics as she suspected infection. It was, she felt, slightly swollen over the area. A month later it is still sore. GP felt, today, that it’s slightly more swollen. She has referred me to cancer two week wait sarcoma clinic to “rule it out”. Made the mistake of googling and finding that certain types of MD make sarcoma, esp in head and neck, more likely! Haha. Brilliant!! Wondered if anyone knows much about this? It’s likely nothing to worry about, but as I’m about to go on holiday for a fortnight and have told GP I have to delay the scans to check, I’m now wondering about it! Had bloods done and no infection present, But GP said inflammation can last after infection clears. Who knows?! :bang:

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    I feel for you! Sometimes googling is not the best idea but we all do it lol well I know I do.

    I hope that the docs do rule it out. Let us know how you get on. I am having similar problems with my neck. I am sure something is not right but I was told it didn’t warrant an X-ray. I got given Gabapentin to cope with the pain it brings.

    Hope you get to have a good holiday and the neck isn’t too troublesome.

    Best wishes

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