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    hi all and happy new year. i was in the pub last night and got talking to a chemist about various treatments. anyway i mentioned that i used to smoke cannabis to help relieve my md symptoms. he asked if i was on sativex and why not.
    now what im wanting to know is or has anybody ever heard of someone with md being prescribed the ms drug sativex.
    sativex apparently is cannabis based, but has been made so you cant get high and is currently being prescribed to ms patients for the relief of stiff muscles, sleep disorders and something to do with bladder control.


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    Re: sativex

    I’ve not heard of anyone having any sort of med like this.

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    Re: sativex

    I asked my pain management consultant and GP about sativex. My PCT (Norfolk) wont fund it so it would be a case of getting it on private prescription. This would cost over £100.00 for each prescription.
    I know that some people with MS feel an improvement in terms of muscle cramps and pain. As I understand it the side affects are similar to smoking cannabis.
    My pain management consultant told me that he had only seen one person benefit in terms of pain relief in his 25 years of practising. This and the cost made me think it wasn’t worth trying.
    Happy new year,

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    Re: sativex

    The ingredients per dose of Sativex are 2.7 mg of THC and 2.5 mg of CBD.
    Source :

    The THC is what is generally responsible for psychotic effects and is not as useful as CBD
    CBD has Analgesic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-diabetic, Anti-emetic, Anti-epileptic, Anti-inflammatory,
    Anti-ischemic, Anti-psychotic, Anti-spasmodic, Anxiolytic and Neuroprotective properties.
    Ailment/Cannabinoid Treatment Chart:

    CBD has been neglected in traditional breeding and THC has been selected for.

    There is a new medical strain recently developed that is almost entirely CBD.

    I cant find the link to a recent study but the gist of it was that these things did not actually block pain like traditional painkillers. Instead it basically raised your tolerance for pain instead of numbing the pain itself. This was interesting because it could be a discovery of a whole new class of painkillers that could work alongside traditional ones and have fewer side effects.

    Looking at the documentation it is a schedule 4 drug and is only accepted for the treatment of muscle spasticity in MS patients in the UK. I am not sure what the legality of it is like for other treatments but I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask your doctor.
    If enough people with MD find it useful and a study is funded then maybe it would be approved for use with some of the symptoms of MD.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone if they have found anything that helps in any way.

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    Re: sativex

    CBD is now mainstream, you can actually buy the extract on amazon.
    It is pretty mild but definitely has some effect :

    This is not spam hopefully, but relevant to thread…

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