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    Shoes for DMD patient

    Happy new year to all.
    I am new user to this forum but hoping some advice if possible.
    I have got nephew in India, who is 13 year old and suffers from Duchenes muscular dystrophy ?
    I want to buy a pair of shoes for him, does anyone know any good place i can buy shoes for him , he has developed contractures so needs to be careful what shoes i buy ?
    I would be really grateful for any help or suggestion you can give me

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    Hello Ushma and welcome. I personally have not come across this problem but I am sure someone who has will contribute soon.


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    Hi Ushma

    It is common practice for people with MD in the UK to use leg and ankle supports to aid standing or keep contractors to a minimal. CAFOS Calf And Foot Orthotic Support. or the old names are, braces, Splints or Calipers.

    It is common in the UK that when the NHS fits for leg supports that shoes are also prescribed as normally a wider or special fit required to wear the splints etc.

    How a CAFOS or splint works is a mold is taken and a plastic support made to fit the leg in the correct position so that ankle and foot sits more comfortable reducing contractors.

    Im not sure shoes alone will maintain good leg structure. Some people as I said use leg bracing or splints. others use special insoles to support foot arches. I myself have a build up in one shoe to adjust for leg length discrepancy.

    Sorry I can be of more help. You could try searching orthopedic shoe but if hes a child whos growing they may need specially fitted to allow for growth.

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