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    Speech recognition software – thoughts?

    Hey all :)

    I’ve been looking into getting some speech recognition software for dictating documents.

    I’ve seen Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 – does anyone here use it and recommend it?

    Can anyone recommend any awesome alternatives? I’d love to check them out.

    Thankyou in advance lovely people :mrgreenmightnotworkanymorebuthestillliveson!:

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    Reply To: Speech recognition software – thoughts?


    Very good question.

    I have used speech recognition software for years and the Dragon
    Naturally speaking brand that you mention.

    It is wonderful technology and does get better with each version. I used it
    because the muscles in my hand made holding pens painful and was given
    it as part of the “Access To Work” scheme in 2001. It absolutely
    solved my problem with a very high rate of accuracy. Annoyingly
    it was never 100 percent and the odd word or phrase would be incorrect.

    At the time there were no alternatives to this expensive software from
    the large companies. Now there are. There are a multitude of Apps
    and devices that use speech recognition and to a very high standard.
    Google Now and Alexa amazingly recognize whatever voice or accent
    you have right out of the box. Dragon Naturally software is still
    a bit better because it builds up detailed information about your voice
    and speech patterns over the years. I must admit the difference
    is not that much and the gap closes all the time.

    I had the professional version of Dragon in 2001 which cost over £ 450
    and was better than the standard version. Still wonderful but not
    quite as much as it used to be, other technologyv has caught up.

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