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    Staying Active with CMT

    Hi everyone, after seeing many people across different websites that cover CMT, I’ve spent the last few months in lockdown creating a CMT website that is focused on providing useful, actionable information about managing the disease, focusing around health and fitness which I and a few others with CMT have found to be a tremendous benefit when living with the disease:

    The content is free to access with a community forum to discuss CMT related issues, as well as anything else!

    The main purpose of the site is to provide helpful, actionable information for people with CMT globally, with less of a focus on the science of the disease, while ensuring the information on the site is easily accessible. As the goal is to provide useful info for people with CMT, please feel free to share your opinions on the site; where the content is useful, where it’s lacking, and any potential changes or improvements that could be made.

    So if you have a few minutes, please check it out and let me know if it’s useful! The entire point of the site is to provide useful, beneficial information for people with CMT :ty:

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