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    Re: The sporting life

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    Just thought – this is the tourny that is being held in that country that is as hot as Hdes most of the time .. the news was waffling on about moving the dates to the winter ….. why can’t they play at a cooler time of day or when it is dark and floodlight or is that being too girlie logical??

    That’s the tournament due to take place in Qatar in 2022, I believe (for financial / political reasons). When it will be too hot whatever time of day they play, if it’s at the usual time of year.

    Next year’s World Cup will be in Brazil, where it’ll be gorgeous. Though I haven’t yet worked out what time of day it’ll be over here. At least the next Rugby (that’s Union, Cassini ;) ) World Cup will be in England.

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    Re: The sporting life

    Ahhhh, thanks for the clarification. Rio De Jan-wotsit is four hours behind our time.

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