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    Urgent help and advice for wheelchair

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum and I have muscular dystrophy I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place but I hope you can help….

    I need some urgent advice with regards to my wheelchair which was damaged on a recent Ryanair flight from Spain to the UK.

    My Etac Balder wheelchair is vital for my independence, livelihood and basically my legs in life.

    After coming off the plane from my holiday and seeing that my wheelchair had been damaged due to negligence of the baggage handlers, it hurt me on an emotional level.

    I followed the standard complaint and baggage claim procedure for Ryanair.

    Ryanair had arranged a company to come out and assess the damage. However when this company arrived they said they did not have much knowledge about my particular wheelchair.

    After some Internet research we then contacted Ryanair suggesting another company that were a lot more knowledgeable with my particular wheelchair and produce their very own wheelchairs like mine.

    Ryanair then agreed to this. When this new company came out they highlighted damage which was unforeseen i.e structural and electrical.

    In the report they concluded that the wheelchair should no longer be used from a safety aspect due to the amount of damage sustained.

    This company also told Ryanair, the Manufactures Recommendations Following a Vehicle Impact and MDA DB2001 guidance. They applied this to my case where mishandling and dropping the chair by the baggage handlers is a similar scenario.

    Ryanair then contacted me, saying that the original company would come out and assess the damage as a second opinion; despite knowing they were not familiar with my type of wheelchair.

    Within one day Ryanair had phoned saying that the company has said the wheelchair is repairable and they have agreed funding for repairs.

    This has obviously left me in a bit of a catch twenty-two, as on one hand we have a company saying that the wheelchair is no longer acceptable or safe. On the other hand another company says it is repairable.

    What do I do and where do I go from here?

    What rights do I have as this is my safety?

    I hope you can help in anyway.

    Kind regards,

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    Re: Urgent help and advice for wheelchair

    May I suggest you give our HQ a call and ask to be put through to the Advocacy Sevtion. Hopefully they might be able to offer some assistance.

    0800 6526352 is the number.

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    Re: Urgent help and advice for wheelchair

    Might be worth pointing out to rynair that if this company doesn’t sell this model or make of chair that you would like writing confermation that they are an official dealer of the manufacture. As if not it could be generic parts they would be fitting. Find the make and model of the chair and phone the manufactur of the chair to check if they are on their sales list. As chairs are expensive kit all reputable companies are normally registered with the manufacture to tie in with warranties. If the company has them on file I would feel more secure that they knew what thy was doing as they have the manufacture as a point of contact. If is generic parts ask Ryanair if they guarantee the work.

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    Re: Urgent help and advice for wheelchair

    id name and shame them on BBC Watchdog mate. theres nothing like bad publicity to get your chair sorted


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    Re: Urgent help and advice for wheelchair

    I second Littlestef ! If you have a Twitter account post your complaint on Ryanairs & your account!

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    Reply To: Urgent help and advice for wheelchair

    OK who are you and what have you done to smell :rollover:


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