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    WAV for sale

    We bought our WAV from Brotherwood four years ago, but my son now has his own vehicle supplied by Motability, so we are selling ours. It is a Fiat Multipla, with an upfront wheelchair position, quite an unusual conversion, and so much nicer for the wheelchair user than being confined to the back of a vehicle. It can carry two passengers as well as the wheelchair user and driver. The 2006 Multipla has done 52,000 miles, and we are asking £7000 for it – the conversion alone, by leading specialists Brotherwood, cost £12000

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    As such, the forum doesn’t usually allow buying and selling although I can understand why you’ve come to us as it’s a very specialist item. One reason is that we have no private way of exchanging details. MDUK cannot take any responsibility for the advert.

    You may be better posting on places like gumtree. Are you on Facebook? I know of some groups that are for the buying and selling of disability aids and equipment.

    Good luck in finding a new home for the car.

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    trying googling ‘used WAV sales’

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