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    Weather and MD

    Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes. Does anyone with MD feel that the weather makes it worse (or better), and if so what weather conditions do you think make the difference? clearly you will need to rule out other factors, like arthritis for example. I know this is not very scientific, but just for interest.


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    Reply To: Weather and MD

    I find the colder weather much much easier to breath in. Even in very low temps around the zero mark. The sharper air is much cleaner and easier but down side is its that cold, I struggle to move everything else and feel trapped under layers.

    Muscles cooperate much better in warm dry atmosphere. Also with nature of warmer weather less constricting clothing is required so movement generally easier and more comfortable.

    Hot V cold has systematic effect on desire to move. Too warm and you cant be bothered and too cold its painful or sluggish. Think in any extreme temp high or low it is important to remember to move about as much as possible to maintain movement. its easy to avoid it but all round, makes you feel little worse if prolonged.

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