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    Welcome New Members…..

    We would like to heartily welcome the thirteen new members who joined us on the 17th September.

    By a wild coincidence they all sell kitchens for a living and have been kind enough
    to post details of their spectacular offers in the section on “members location”.

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    Re: Welcome New Members…..

    If only I had a house with thirteen kitchens…

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    Re: Welcome New Members…..

    :rollover: Who knew that MD had such an affiliation with kitchens … some spammy bots found a window left open round the back, Cassini is working her magic on each of them.

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    Re: Welcome New Members…..

    Some of them are from Lancashire…maybe I know a few of you randomers!

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    Re: Welcome New Members…..

    can I get a new kitchen first. :neener:


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