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    What’s next?

    I have Becker’s Md and I have been noticing an increase in shoulder pain, numbness and stiffness to raise my arms above my head. As the day goes on it gets better, however when I am sleeping and wake I struggle. Does this mean I will soon loose my ability in my arms?
    Thank you for your comment!

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    I too have Becker MD and find it hard to keep my arms raised for long. Things like reattaching the shower curtain, hanging up washing, wallpapering; the latter not attempted since about 2008. By my arithmetic, 2008 is 13 years ago!

    I was diagnosed at 28 and told perhaps I would use a wheelchair by 40. I will be 46 in June, I only started using a stick in January 2020. There is no reason to believe current difficulties will lead to a rapid deterioration. The medics can make an educated guess, but are not clairvoyant. Trying to keep moving, experience will tell you when enough is enough.

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