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    Wheelchair….where from!?

    Hi Guys & Girls, I hope everyone is happy and well :D

    I am looking into buying my first wheelchair in the coming days. I have been doing some research but was curious as to where others had got theirs from?

    I was due a “wheelchair assessment” but my Doctors surgery is useless and are holding up the process; long story short…..the assessment wont be any time soon. I need a chair quiet soon due to going on holiday and the start of the football season.

    It will be a self propelled chair and I am looking at a 20″ wide seat to accommodate my manly (lol…..fat) legs!

    This is the one I have been looking at:

    Any thoughts?

    I have no real wheelchair experience and have only ever used a Red Cross one for a day whilst at the football so all help is much appreciated.


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    Re: Wheelchair….where from!?

    Can you not go via your consultant for the assessment (ie get him/her to write a letter to wheelchair services)?

    Chair looks good to me, will it come with a cushion? Sometimes the seats arent all that comfy and they can dig into the backs of your knees if it’s not the right size lengthways (if that makes sense?). If you can try and get one that’s easily adjustable (arm rests particularly can be a pain) it might make things more convenient. Dont know if that helps but that’s all the wisdom I have on manual chairs…..

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    Re: Wheelchair….where from!?

    The chair you posted a link to looks fine, but I would recommend buying from a mobility shop rather than over the internet, if at all possible. I know internet prices are often cheaper but if it turns out not to be comfortable, you’re stuck with it. If you can get to a mobility shop and try what they have, you should also get personal service [advice on adjusting the chair to fit, or suggestions for other models]. Also, if something goes wrong with a chair you’ve bought from a shop, you have a point of contact for complaint should you need to make it.

    Having said all that, I hope your wheelchair assessment will lead you to getting a chair eventually. I have just taken delivery of my new powerchair, and from start to finish, the process took almost five months. That was quick, I thought!


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    Re: Wheelchair….where from!?

    Is it possible to get intouch with wheelchair services direct? Or try your nearest MD Advisor to see if they can intervene on your behalf to get an assessment done quicker.

    Like Syb has suggested, go to a shop, have a go in a few, especially have a go and getting through doors, question the person about cushions, life of the battery [both as in distance on a single charge and how many charges before it begins to tire], are there any bits that frequently need replacing and if so how much, how much for a service and break check. Do you need to think of any additioal insurance or what coverage can you get on your existing household cover [when in the house of course]. Is there a service contract available.

    Sadly like cars they have their temprements, electrical things can go wonky, tires can get worn, cushions can go hard. It is so annoying having a piece of equipment that you have to keep paying out on.

    MDC have a guide which you can download as a pdf or order a hardcopy at PDF Wheelchair Guide

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    Re: Wheelchair….where from!?

    Whatever you do, make sure that the supplier you choose to buy from has a proper, reliable and speedy service department. You will, sooner or later, inevitably need repairs or adjustments to your chair, and it’s important to know there is someone on hand. If you can check with others who’ve used the firm this is obviously best. Don’t be afraid to ask the company hard questions, to see if they know what they are talking about.

    I made the mistake (though I wasn’t to know at the time) of buying from a company who promptly closed their service department down and passed customers’ details on to someone else who didn’t really have the capacity to deal with all the equipment. Just after the manufacturer’s warranty ended, it was.

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    Re: Wheelchair….where from!?

    Thanks for all the input guys….REALLY appreciate it!

    I am going to Wheelchair Services direct but I have been told it will be anywhere between 8-12 weeks for the assessment.
    If it wasn’t for the mess-up caused by my Doctors surgery, that would have been about now.

    Ideally, I need a chair this week but can wait a couple of weeks to find the right one.

    I think I will go down to the local mobility place and test them out in person though as opposed to buying directly of the net.

    Thanks again all

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    Re: Wheelchair….where from!?

    Im in the process next wheelchair fitting session is next week. If the GP is holding things up make an appointment every week with a GP to enquire and point out the hard time your having getting about. Try your OT.. it was my OT that referred me and my GP who backed them up with regards me not being able to self push..

    the chair above looks good. and Drive medical is a good maker. I got a good deal on my attendant pushed chair online but I made sure I tried it out at a few shows and shops. both for my posture and the ease of fold-ability for my peeps and the weight for lifting for car travel.

    with the self driven chair you will want to try kerb climbing as chairs can be balanced quite differently.

    a point to note is that its a good set of cushions that make a good chair. not many people get away with sitting in a folding chair for long periods of time. think deck chair on wheels. 8-) If I was to re- buy my folding chair. I would try for an even lighter one that folded flatter.

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    Re: Wheelchair….where from!?

    All you guys = awesome!

    Lots of great info to take on board

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    Re: Wheelchair….where from!?

    Hello! You can probably check and see different kinds of wheelchairs and its prices.

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