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    World Book Day [British Isles] 6 March 2014

    As it’s World Book Day here on Thursday, I thought I’d start a new thread about books as I love reading and would feel lost without a book on the go. What are you reading right now? Why did you select that book? Do you have an outright favourite that you’ve read more than once? And name a book you just couldn’t get on with!

    Here are my answers:

    Currently reading “The Train Robbery” by Pies Paul Read [about the great robbery in 1963]
    Selected it from the library as I saw the two-part docu-drama on TV a few months ago and wanted to learn more. It’s a crime I’d grown up hearing about but never really knowing anything about.
    Favourite book “The Sleeping Beauty” by Elizabeth Taylor [the late novelist, not the actress]
    Couldn’t get on with “Shirley” by Charlotte Bronte. Tried twice but gave up after 30 pages. [But like “Jane Eyre”]

    So let’s share some book-related chat !

    Sybylla 8-)

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    Re: World Book Day [British Isles] 6 March 2014


    Currently reading: The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory.
    After a few months of reading other things I’ve gone on to the next book in the series which writes about the same time period as the White Queen but from another perspective.
    Favourite book: Katherine by Anya Seton
    Book I couldn’t get on with: The Hobbit

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    Re: World Book Day [British Isles] 6 March 2014

    Sarah – you should follow that with her “the kingmakers daughters” … Awesome read about Earl Warwick’s daughters

    CURRENTLY READING The Loyal Servant by Eva Hudson ….. It was a free kindle read, civil servant tries to uncover the truth of her bosses death.

    FAVOURITES … Frequent Terry Pratchett reader. Enjoy Kathy Reichs, Christie, Philippa Gregory, Douglas Adams.
    FREQUENT REREAD …., the cat who came in from the cold by Derric Longden .. Still makes me laugh and cry.

    HATED BOOK … Moby Dick, got about a third of the way through and could face no more!

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